new club 01 The great thing about Zumba is that you learn to dance to lots of different rhythms and get fit whilst doing it. No dance experience is required, just some energy and enthusiasm! The movements have different layers so you can start simple and add more flavour as you gain experience. New elements will be added each week for those looking for more of a challenge. There is definitely a Latin vibe to this zumba class and soon you'll be gliding across the dance floor without missing a beat!

Zumba class every Tuesday at Pineapple check out the facebook page here


  • Held in studio 10
  • No partner required
  • All levels welcome
  • £10 (includes membership fee) Please pay online via the Pineapple website or download the app - Payment via Pineapple website - 



As someone with no experience of this type of dance, it was quite daunting to go to my first dance lesson alone, however, Sarah and her team not only gave me a warm welcome, they helped me develop a real passion for Zouk at fun classes and club nights where you enjoy learning to dance through attentive instruction and careful attention. Even if you feel like you have two left feet, they are very encouraging, and bring the best out of you, and get you on to the dance floor very quickly. Sarah is a wonderful dance teacher, and her dedication gives so many people a wonderful opportunity to develop - and very quickly, you learn the skills for a beautiful and passionate dance, and gain confidence in a fun atmosphere with great energy!
Shant dancing with us since 2012

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