Wedding Dances

Getting married is one of the most momentous, exciting and wonderful occasions of your life and getting up on the dance floor to enjoy your special dance together should be an experience you cherish always.
There is no reason to worry. We are confident that whatever your dance experience, we can work with you to create a beautiful, enchanting, unique and memorable dance. Brazilian Zouk is a great dance to use for this special occasion because it is so flowing, sensual and romantic and absolutely conveys the love and emotion felt between two people. Also you can be inspired by the wide range of songs from which we dance to. Some popular choices include U2, the Gypsy Kings, Rhianna and Shakira! Or you can choose from the more traditional Brazilian, Latin or French Caribbean Zouk music.

For information on what we offer email Sarah on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on: 07988 952 553

alex conorOn our first attempt at Brazillian Zouk; we fell in love with it. It can be so romantic, passionate and a sexy dance for partners. we liked it so much we decided to have it as our first dance for wedding. Sarah is an amazing and driven tutor whose choreography is excellent; she will always give multiple suggestions and asks about your thoughts as well. We would fully recommend Brazillian Zouk fusion to anyone that includes people that love the dance floor and for people that are a little shy”
- Aleksandra & Conor 2013

vanessa 01My husband and I started learning Brazilian Zouk over a year ago. We have always enjoyed listening to music with a Latin beat but we just had no idea how to dance to it! By chance we had the opportunity to attend a few classes and from then on we were hooked. Zouk is a partnered dance where slick turns and complex moves will always impress audiences. So when it came to choosing a first dance at our wedding this year, there was no doubt it would be Zouk! Our dance teacher worked with us in putting together a choreographed dance to a song selected by us.
Although it was hard work memorising all the moves and trying to look good at the same time, it was an immensely enjoyable challenge. The cheers and roars from our wedding guests made it all worth it in the end and we couldn’t recommend this experience more!”
- Vanessa