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chan den dan siu

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Sarah: This show was performed by Anne, Kat, Livon, Louisa, Marilia, Marta, Petra and Veronica and choreographed by me. The girls all do classes with Rio Zouk Fusion and love to practice their leading so I thought it would be fun to incorporate leading in the show! Everyone worked really hard and it was great to watch them perform on the big stage!!

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Louisa - " learning and performing the routine was an amazing and challenging experience. I've made some lovely new friends and feel much more confident with my dancing now. Thanks Sarah for creating such a cool show. I hope we get to perform it again"

Kat - "being a part of this group has been an amazing experience. it's been fantastic to form friendships with like-minded rio zoukers whilst learning and improving on a style of dance that i love. sarah is friendly, approachable and keen to share her passion for rio zouk to any student that shows an interest in learning."

Marta - "The first time I tried Zouk I hadn´t heard of it before so I didn´t know what to expect. I loved it ever since, if I had knew what was it I would have tried it earlier! I have started many things in my life and then changed, but I think with this I am going to stay. It is not only the dance, which is beautiful and make you feel great, it is the people. I have met so many amazing people these months, they make that every time I go out to dance with them I want to come back the next day."

Marilha - " I loved the experience and I want to say many thanks for Sarah and for the girls! I have been enjoying every single moment!"

Livon - "It was a great experience and so much fun working with Sarah and the girls on this show. For many of us this was the first time we had performed so it was both challenging and nerve-wracking at the same time, but it has made all the difference having the shared support (and laughs) of the team"

Petra - Rio Zouk Fusion Student show!! – What an experience!! Walking to the stage, the lights are on, the music start playing and you start dancing… The choreo is already in your head and in your muscles! You start dancing, smiling and you go for it! Yes, bigger smile! You hear the applause and realise that this is the end! You have DONE it! You smiling even more and you are the happiest person in the world!!! So how has it started… You start with the rehearsal and realise that none of your moves are good enough, at least you are not satisfied, you put your limit high, very high and start working on your moves, believing in yourself! You decide in your head that you go for it! It is not easy, you found your boundaries, you ruin them; found new ones and smash them! Now the body roll is spot on! What is the next one? – Chest and bum and yes after a few hours you got it! All the hard work, rehearsals, efforts worth it!!! I can just recommend this experience to anyone who would like to improve their dancing skills and have fun! Now, dear reader you might have a question to me “Would you do it again?” The answer is simple and straight forward – YES!"