Student Shows

It is always interesting to set yourself new challenges and often our students decide that they would like to choose a favorite song and learn a specific choreography for it. Sometimes it is in anticipation of their upcoming wedding, sometimes it’s married couples who want something under their belt for family get togethers or parties with friends and sometimes it’s a couple of friends who want to test themselves in front of an audience or just love the song!!!

Many people find that learning a specific choreography is the best way to learn and remember moves and so it improves their overall dancing. We love to see our students gaining more experience and confidence in the dance and do our best to help them achieve something they feel proud of. They then have the opportunity to perform at one of our venues and these events always prove very inspirational for students and teachers alike!!

If you and a friend or partner would be interested in having your own choreography then contact Sarah on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07988 952 553

Below is what some of our students have said!!

RZF student dance show at the 3rd London Zoukfest

chan den dan siu