Student Testimonials

"I came out of curiosity to try something new and stayed for the teachers, the style and the friends I have made. I've tried a few different places but the atmosphere with the Rio Zouk Fusion teachers is by far the most friendly and fun.

"Zouk is the quickest way to recover from a bad day at the office, the music is spellbinding and the moves are captivating. There's a wide range of experience in the classes, but everyone is friendly and helpful to each other.

"The teachers with Rio Zouk Fusion are the nicest and friendliest teachers I have met in all the classes I have been to. Usually I get bored but they have kept me interested with their great personalities which shine through their classes. Zouk is the sexiest, most elegant and passionate dance I have come across and I love it."

Shereen, Singer Song Writer, dancing with us since June 2009

"I love Zouk, its fun, sexy and funky and a great way to socialise. The classes are always interesting and I learn something new everytime. I love the music and everyone is so friendly, I have made great friends through dancing and look forward the day when Brasilian Zouk is as mainstream and accessible to everyone as Salsa is."

Nadia, Youth Psychotherapist, dancing with us since June 2009.