Meet the Team

Jade After a (short) lifetime training in other disciplines including Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, Salsa and the rest, at the age of 28, having turned up to one of Sarah and Davi’s classes, Zouk turned out to be the dance Jade was always looking for. She loves that Zouk provides an accessible forum for everyone and anyone to express so many of the styles she loves in one dance.

helen 01Helen accidentally stumbled upon zouk when her intention had been only to learn Portuguese as she had made up her mind to leave horrible london and migrate to beautiful Brazil. Instead she fell head over heels for the dance, the community (especially Sarah and Davi's zouk family) and London all over again.

felipe 01Felipe started Zouk looking for a hobby in the middle of summer. Initially he had thought about doing salsa, but decided to do Zouk instead following a suggestion from a friend and never looked back since.

nathan 01Nathan has a strong conviction that dance can communicate through the body, things that words cannot. What he loves about zouk is its conversational nature; a free and improvised back and forth between partners. Before joining Rio Zouk Fusion he danced salsa in his home city of Melbourne and also performed in musical theatre.

beth 01Bethany came to zouk after learning salsa for four years in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. She moved to London to study Anthropology at LSE and after discovering Rio Zouk Fusion, decided to commit to a life-long participatory study of Zouk and its amazing life-loving community.