Chan has been dancing Zouk since July 2009. Prior to that, extensive experience bopping on the dance floor, living room floor, school floor, sometimes garden floor, pretty much without a clue. No dance classes and certainly no partner-dance experience except country-dancing at school, something he still has dim nightmares of. He got into zouk by trying out Sarah's body-styling class on a whim (well ok, after she gave him her card in Bar Salsa and ordered him to turn up!)

He found this a wonderful opportunity to learn the kind of sensual, subtle movements he'd always wanted to be able to do but was too embarrassed to admit. And it was to the most intoxicating music he'd heard in a long time.

jumping"Then I saw Marcos and Sarah dance zouk together - and was blown away by a form of expression so unique and mesmerising, it transcended dance. I tentatively tried a partner class... and the rest is history. It's hard to describe zouk without getting all girly and poetic, so I'll just say that to me, zouk is the embodiment of grace, sensuality and lyrical connection".