marta 01Marta started dancing when a friend from university needed an extra girl for her salsa group. From the very first routine she was hooked. She has tried many different styles but hadn't been truly committed to any of them. Years later, once living in London, she found herself in a zouk class without knowing what it was and despite of the dizziness at the beginning she fell in love with it.

The music, the sense of community and the feeling while dancing it is what she was looking for but didn't know until she found it.

"It has been 4 years since I went to my first class with Sarah, she made us shake our heads and bend in positions I had never tried before but the sense of freedom and the after class drinks kept me coming back again and again! I still mix in other disciplines I like in my training like commercial and dancehall but it's zouk what will always makes me go back to the dance floor. It helps me when I am stressed, when I am sad and when I am bored, so I hope I will never have to give it up!"marta 02