Meet the Team

sarah home 01Sarah is the artistic director, and one of the two principal Brazilian zouk teachers, choreographers and performers with Rio Zouk Fusion. She established the company in 2010 because she was inspired by the concept of fusing the dance styles that she loved. She met her dance partner and husband Davi in 2011 and they have been working together ever since. They have been training a collection of talented dancers from different backgrounds to dance and teach Brazilian Zouk and love the fact that each dancer brings their own individual character and skills to the company. Sarah has been teaching since 2003 and is a very enthusiastic and committed teacher who places great importance on technique. Her students love the positive atmosphere of her classes and her attention to detail. 

"For me dancing is an addiction... a passion and a way of life. I love to dance because I can express what words cannot and I love to teach because it allows others to do the same. Really I can't imagine being happy without dancing and my greatest moments are sharing this love with other people. People are always telling me that they don't know how to dance. Of course you don't! That's why you come to class! Everything takes practice and effort... even reading a book was once impossible! I love the joy on people's faces when they start dancing.. it's amazing and the reason that I love getting up every the morning. Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy dancing and it is never too late to start...."

Davi Lima started his dance career in Recife, Brazil in 1997 when he was 15. He moved to London in 2010 and met Sarah in 2011. They started working together and he is now one of the principle teachers, dancers and choreographers in Rio Zouk Fusion dance company.

Chan has been dancing Zouk since July 2009. Prior to that, extensive experience bopping on the dance floor, living room floor, school floor, sometimes garden floor, pretty much without a clue. No dance classes and certainly no partner-dance experience except country-dancing at school, something he still has dim nightmares of. He got into zouk by trying out Sarah's body-styling class on a whim (well ok, after she gave him her card in Bar Salsa and ordered him to turn up!)

marta 01Marta started dancing when a friend from university needed an extra girl for her salsa group. From the very first routine she was hooked. She has tried many different styles but hadn't been truly committed to any of them. Years later, once living in London, she found herself in a zouk class without knowing what it was and despite of the dizziness at the beginning she fell in love with it.

simona1I started dancing at the age of four in Slovakia and never stopped since. My first dance styles were musical theatre, jazz, ballet, lyrical jazz and contemporary. I then added to these and started competing in salsa and other Latin Dances, which later on attracted me socially as well.