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Rio Zouk Fusion is a Brazilian/Latin/ Contemporary fusion dance company specializing in Brazilian Zouk and Zumba classes and shows. Based in London we have taught and performed around the world including in New York, Brazil, Cyprus, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. All classes are taught by teachers trained in accordance with our syllabus to ensure optimum learning and fun! We offer classes four days a week, top quality teaching, a friendly and welcoming environment and lots of personal attention. Whether you want to get fit, learn a new skill, meet people, impress your friends, widen your dance vocabulary or try something new, we are here to make this happen! Check out our FACEBOOK GROUP for info on special events - Rio Zouk Fusion

Dance Classes

We offer classes in the Brazilian dance styles below, click for more information:

braz zouk braz stle samba de gaf Zumba Classes

Guest Teachers

Freddy & Andressa

freddy andressa

Paulo & Luisa

paulo luisa

Carlos & Fernanda

carlos fern home



"This is really fun and involving night. I've learnt a lot and had a really great time!"

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Lina & Maddy

"Maddy and I are best friends who have been dancing since we could walk."
Maddy comes from a hip-hop background and I do latin style dancing.

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"Did I choose zouk or did zouk choose me? I fell into zouk to help me recover from a bad ankle injury.

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What's On

Taster Class Half Price

'Taster' class special offer for first time students. Buy any class for half price - confirmation needed in advance! These 'taster' classes give you a chance to experience the class with a 50% discount. It's a one time offer only but feel free to buy for friends or partners as long as it's their first time too! Buy them for samba classes and zouk classes.

Email Us with your name, and what combination of classes you wish to try and you'll get 50% off

Buy 4 classes for £50!

Buy 4 Friday classes for only £50!! Choose to use them over a 6 week period!

Email Us with your name, and what date of the 4 classes you wish to buy for only £50

This deal can only be used once in a 6 month period. Normal class price is £15 per session

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers!! Thinking of a unique, fun and original gift for a friend? Why not buy dance gift vouchers for samba classes and zouk classes! They just have to email or call to reserve their spot. They can choose from any of the classes.

Email Us to buy your gift vouchers!