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Painting pictures in the air

Painting Pictures In Air

Two frames in sensual embrace

Firm, flexible, a sublime haze

Mystical motes of sumptuous motion

Follow magical limbs through liquid space

Elusive entanglement, a whimsical trick

Emotion incarnate, a casual flick

A connection, a hope, a unification

To the eternally languid slow-quick-quick

Head blurs, a cacophony of hair

Back arches, a whiplash of air

Round and round the pirouette goes

A masterful lead can turn lead into gold

Action reaction, precise and pristine

Accelerate decelerate, strings unseen

A scant inch between head and floor

Then soaring up through the cosmic door

With feline balance she wheels and cavorts

To his magician's spells and genie's taunts

A binary star pulsating with soul

Orbiting throughout this grand black hole

They gaze at each other, refined and poised

His back she caresses, with her shoulders he toys

What do they ponder, these masters of grace?

How did they evolve to this exquisite state?

It seems they are scholars, here to teach

A mode of discourse bereft of speech

In an infinite vocabulary nuanced with fire

With which to express an ardent desire

They liberate us from our gadgets and chains

Show us new vistas, new pleasures and terrains

They proffer the quill to learn under their direction

The art to sculpt fluid form, weave scintillating function

Against a velvety narrative the play unfolds

A dexterous script that begs to be told

To a rapt audience eager to escape

Into a dazzling stupor from which none want to wake

I have journeyed afar, beheld Latin sights

From Galapagos beasts to Andean heights

But no less fortuitous was I to chance a look

Upon the wondrous rapture that is Brazilian Zouk

Chan Rahman, 2010
(dedicated to Sarah Gibbons & Marcos Fonseca)

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