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The Team

Meet the Team

Rafael - Brazilian Zouk assistant teacher

raff 01Rafael is from Rio de Janeiro but actually started dancing zouk in London. He first discovered it when he turned up at Sarah's ladies styling class, not realising that the majority of attendees were women! He returned the following week for the partner classes! He loves the variety of music that you dance to in zouk and also the space for creativity.


Cassandra - Brazilian Zouk assistant teacher

cass 01Cassandra is Latin at heart. Even though she was born and bred in The US, she has always been drawn to communities and cultures that dance.


Helen - Brazilian Zouk assistant teacher

helen 01Helen accidentally stumbled upon zouk when her intention had been only to learn Portuguese as she had made up her mind to leave horrible london and migrate to beautiful Brazil. Instead she fell head over heels for the dance, the community (especially Sarah and Davi's zouk family) and London all over again.


Tim - Brazilian Zouk assistant teacher

tim 01Tim first became interested in dance when he started ballroom dancing. From there he fell in love with zouk because of it's fluidity and freedom to be expressive.


Felipe - Brazilian Zouk assistant teacher

felipe 01Felipe started Zouk looking for a hobby in the middle of summer. Initially he had thought about doing salsa, but decided to do Zouk instead following a suggestion from a friend and never looked back since.


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