sun coursesBrazilian Zouk technique & styling classes: Short courses focusing on different technique every 2/3 weeks such as head movements, styling, leading and following, turn patterns. No drop-ins, pre-booking required.

Once you’ve had some practice you might be inspired to perform with my girls’ student group! Anyone interested in performing should definitely come along!




  • Dates are variable
  • No partner required
  • All levels welcome
  • £15 per course (2 weeks)


Tiger Tiger
29 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4SP

“I enjoy doing Sarah’s styling class because I found I could learn a lot about the body movement that I needed to dance Brazilian Zouk well. This gave me the chance to focus on my movement so that I could improve in this style. It also gave me a chance to focus on my body isolation skills as she focuses a lot on this. I also feel that the choice of music is good, she always has songs that I like to listen to which helps to put you in the mood for dancing. The other reason I enjoy the class is that I think that she teaches well and knows how to break things down for everyone depending on their level in dance. This way everyone can benefit from her class”.

Nicola Lambert